Small brew. Big taste.


We have been perfecting our craft for years to give you the tastiest brews around. While we are constantly pursuing new ideas, we want make sure that you have the same consistent quality that you have come to expect. These year round beers will always be there for you when you need them.

Better Hazy Than Never

Hazy IPA

This is the first beer in the “Evolution Series” which quickly became a staple in our rotation. We took our original recipe and made it juicier, hazier and spacier using El Dorado, Mosaic, Ekuanot and Idaho 7 hops. It turned out so great that we now offer this hazy treat year-round! We’ll continue to be pioneers of beer so look to the horizon for more EVOLUTION beer to come…

Availability: Year Round
Suggested Serving: 45º – 50ºF in a Tulip

Hip Check

Dry Hopped American IPA

This dry hopped American IPA is a celebration of Northwest brewing tradition. Big, bold hop character resonates throughout this beer from the aroma to the finish. Around 35% of the entire world’s hop supply comes from the Pacific Northwest so we are proud to produce a beer that celebrates our region. High alpha hops intermingle with traditional varieties to produce a unique but recognizable hop character that is undeniable to the palate. Bold, yet balanced this brew will appease your inner hop hound. Too many Hip Checks and you’ll have runs in your fishnets, too.

Availability: Year Round
Suggested Serving: 45º – 50ºF in a Tulip

Broad Street Blonde

Blonde Ale

The blonde is the only one of our flagship beers that we filter, which makes it light, crisp and super delicious. Named after the street that this beer was born on, it’s an ode to the beer drinker who prefers no frills quality. With hints of honey and a crisp malt sweetness feel free to put back more than one! This beer is perfect for relaxing on the patio and enjoying the warm summer sun.

Availability: Year Round
Suggested Serving: 45º – 50ºF in a Pint Glass

Snowboarder Porter

American Porter

This chocolate style porter is just the thing to warm you up after a cold day on the slopes. With hints of coffee and sweet caramel, this dark, delicious, sweet treat is a malty celebration of the classic porter style. Light enough to enjoy a few, but still dark enough to appeal to those dark beer fans we all know and love. Finally, a porter that everyone can appreciate… whether we have snow on the mountains or not!

Availability: Year Round
Suggested Serving: 45º – 55ºF in a Pint Glass


Pale Ale

We’re making ale pale again by offering this perfectly balanced American Pale Ale. By using Idaho Simcoe and Bravo hops with a light malt body to back it up, this pale ale has a little bit of everything. The Idaho 7 hop provides a pine and citrus aroma that is reminiscent of those Mountain West afternoons. This is guaranteed to be your new staple beer for wherever and whenever your adventures take you.

Availability: Year Round
Suggested Serving: 45º – 50ºF in a Pint Glass

94/100 rating and 4th best Pale Ale in the country according to Beer Connoisseur Magazine


Mostly barrel-aged, limited production, and exclusive distribution ensures the integrity of these unique, sought after concoctions.


Sternewirth’s Privilege

Amber Lager


Dark Daisy

Milk Stout


Red Velvet

Dessert Ale


This aptly name series represents the lifestyle we celebrate here in Idaho- go big, or go home. These beers are big on flavor and big on style so naturally, we put them in the biggest bottle for you to enjoy responsibly.

MAR – MAYé_Mulé-e1565902386498.png

Café Mulé

Coffee Stout


Jagged Shard

Imperial Red Ale


Black Cliffs

American Stout


Witch’s Tit

Winter Warmer


We would not be here without the community that supports us so we use this as an opportunity to give back! Each month, Boise Brewing works with a local, non profit organization to help raise funds and volunteer for their organization.

CSB #1

Better Hazy Than Never

Hazy IPA

CSB #2

Smooth Groove

Vanilla Porter

CSB #3

Hot Tub Tangerine

Fruited Hazy Pale Ale


Beer is constantly evolving in a world of experimental hops, funky styles and new notions of what makes an IPA. At Boise Brewing we embrace the unknown; we dive head first into the new frontier and emerge as pioneers of beer!


Better Hazy Than Never

Hazy IPA


High Desert Haze

Hazy Pale Ale