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New Investors
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Wanna Own a Brewery?

Ever wanted one of those mugs in the tap room? Wanted to be a part of your community brewery? Now you can! We have opened up our third IPO – Idaho Public Offering, that is. The offering is designed so that normal craft beer drinkers can own a piece of Boise Brewing. Or if you really want to know, this offering is exempt from SEC registration by order of the State of Idaho in accordance with the Idaho Uniform Securities Act 2004, Section 30-14-203

Use of Funds

We have just executed a lease for the building next door to us. With our third public offering, we are focusing on outfitting our newly expanded taproom space. If enough capital is raised, we may even add a kitchen. So what exactly are we looking to do with additional funds? Quite a lot.

  • Tenant improvements to expand our taproom into the adjacent building.
    Purchase all new furniture.
  • Construct a new kitchen.
  • Decor and lighting upgrades to the existing taproom to enhance your brewery experience.

There are a host of additional projects. Request a copy of the Confidential Placement Memorandum to see more!

Adding a Kitchen

If we are able to raise sufficient capital, we’ll be looking to add a kitchen to our expanded taproom. Having food as an option will change the taproom completely. Currently, customers have to go somewhere else when it’s dinner time. Or lunch time for that matter. With a kitchen, they won’t have to leave when they get hungry. Beer dinners? Yes please!

What's Next?

Check out more in the documents below. The Executive Summary provides further details on our plans and the Term Sheet provides summary information on the nitty gritty of the offering. If your interest is piqued, email Collin at to get the full Confidential Placement Memorandum. And of course you’ll want to test the product and talk further in person.

Executive Summary
Term Sheet

I'm In! How Do I Invest?

Awesome. You’ll need to get a completed Subscription Agreement to Collin, along with a check for your investment. Stop in the brewery, or mail the documentation to 521 W Broad St. Or if you’d prefer, you can take care of everything online!


  • Voting Rights
  • Dividends (when profitable)
  • Growler fill per month
  • Community ownership
  • Owner’s mug (optional)

Extra Benefits

Individuals who invest at least $2,500 will get access to purchase secret items not on the menu. These will come and go as ingredients become available and inspiration strikes. Implementation of our secret menu will necessarily evolve to ensure smooth kitchen operations while getting you the most benefit we can. Initially you can probably expect to receive an email when secret menu items are available with a password to use when you get to the taproom.

More details on how this works are here.


  • $1,000 minimum investment
  • Investment may not exceed 10% of net worth/$2,500
  • Idaho residents
  • 21+ years old
  • No felony convictions
  • No violations regarding the sale or production of alcohol