Next time you pick up a box of fresh veggies from your local farm, make sure a glass of the finest fermented beverage is sitting next to it. Bogus Brewing is getting its start by going grass-roots and we’re looking for your support. The path from farm to pint glass has never been shorter.

Community Supported Brewing
Community Supported Brewing (CSB) offers people the opportunity to purchase a “share” in their local brewery. This entitles you to a new batch of beer that is hand-crafted specifically for our members – every month. Not only are you getting your beer directly from your brewery, it opens a dialogue between the brewer and the members.

Beyond Membership: Your Participation
We want to hear your poetry/band/stand-up routine in the tap room. We want your art on our walls and we want you to use our spent grains in your pizza crust or your farm. We want to have our CSB members vote on what kind of beer they’d like next month. We want to craft a custom batch of beer for your wedding.

Sign Me Up!
Cool, we could use your help. We’ve got lots of cool stuff  - see how you can participate now.