UncategorizedThe Latest in the Brewery

Stuff is moving and shaking over at the brewery! Here are a few of the things we’ve been up to lately.

Bogus Team Grows!

We’re stoked to announce our newest addition to the Bogus team! Katie Vant is coming on board as our bar manager. Those of us that frequent craft beer establishments on The Bench will recognize her as the general manager at Brewer’s Haven. She brings with her a wealth of beer knowledge, great management experience and to top it all off, is an opera singer. Cheers, Katie!

Tap Handles

Okay, tap handles are a pretty small thing in the grand scheme of things, but I’m pretty excited about our prototypes. Check these bad boys out!

Tap handle prototypes

Dirk Anderson from Idaho City has been working on these with us. We’re excited to keep this local, too, instead of ordering from the larger manufacturers from Anywhere, USA.

And boy are we looking forward to seeing these sitting beside other taps in your local watering hole!

Open House and CSB Sales

We had two open houses in December to check out the demolition we’ve been doing; owners were picking up their growlers; and we sold a fair amount of swag. A lot of swag, actually, as our supplies were decimated. One of the best sellers was CSB memberships. These are still on sale and we’ll keep them at $100 until opening day. We’ve sent the details over to some Nobel prize winners in economics and they all agree: that’s a pretty killer deal (and helps us ensure we’ve got enough cash until opening day!). If you’re interested in one of these wander to our store and pick one up before the price goes up! You can still own a piece of the brewery under our public offering as well. More on that here, if you’d like to learn more.

Destruction -> Construction

We’re making the transition from breaking stuff to finally doing something constructive. As cathartic as beating the crap out of that old stage was, it feels worlds better to see the brewery beginning to take shape. There’s still a ton of work to do, but it has begun! There’s also a lot more stuff on the way: brewing equipment, kegs, new HVAC units, forklift, hoses, valves, gaskets… It’s a long list. Stay tuned, and we’ll be sure to put up plenty of pictures.