BeerOne Tap Takeover

Are you tired of reading about Bogus beers without being able to sample the goods? Well, we’ve got an early sneak preview of what’s to come. Swing by Bar Gernika on Thursday, June 6th any time after 5:00 to get your first taste of the SupPorter. Both Lance and Collin will be hanging out and giving away a little swag as well. Now some might call this, “putting a beer on tap at a restaurant.” Not us. No, no, being the corporate behemoth that we are, we’re billing this as our “One Tap Takeover.” So come on down and check out Bogus’ very first public sampling.

Now, if you want to get down to technicalities, this is a Sawtooth beer. We brewed it on their system in Ketchum. But it smells like a Bogus brew. It looks like a Bogus brew. Hell, it even tastes like one. One could be forgiven for mistaking it as a legitimate Bogus brew. Because we don’t have our own licensed brewery yet, these One Tap Takeovers are going to be extremely infrequent. In fact it’s entirely possible this will be the only one. So, now’s your chance! See you Thursday and bear with us as we make our way toward our own opening day.