BeerBreweryNotes from Collin: Taking home a GABF Medal

This year at the Great American Beer Fest in Denver, we managed to take second place in the American Stout category, with Lance’s Black Cliffs. It’s a big deal for any brewery to win a medal at the most renowned national competition – and at just over a year old, it’s a really big deal for all of us.

I also had a moment of perspective. Not so long ago the brewery looked a little like this:

collin blog 1

Now it looks like this:

collin blog 2

Not too shabby going from the back yard with Frankenbrew to national recognition!

Hayden Distribution

Another really big deal for us is that we’ve recently handed over our distribution to Hayden Beverage for the entire state. Zack has done a stellar job spearheading our sales so far, and we’ve really enjoyed getting to know all our bar and restaurant customers around town on a personal level. And we’ll still maintain a personal contact – just not every week.

Honestly, all of us working sales and distribution were starting to get pretty burned out, so it feels good to have some help. And to continue to grow any further, would have meant multiple delivery trucks, refrigerated off-site storage, a handful of salespeople. Basically becoming a full-fledged distributor ourselves. We’ve decided that it’s best if we concentrate on why we got into the brewing business in the first place: making beer. Plus Zack wanted to be able to take a vacation some time.

So, we’re excited to work with Hayden and know that together we can turn Boise Brewing into everything it can be.