KickstarterKickstarting Success

And we are funded! Our Kickstarter campaign to raise $30,000 in operating expenses was successful on June 30th. I cannot express my appreciation to all of you enough. I am blown away by how much support there is for the Bogus concept. And it seems that the concept is starting to gain a little visibility in the area. We’ve been mentioned in the Boise Weekly no fewer than three times, and were featured in Scene Magazine last Friday. Radio Boise’s Chew on This was kind enough to have us on the air last Sunday. Brewforia in Meridian even went so far as to hold a fundraiser for us and we gave away samples of our Hip Check IPA. Well a version of it, anyway. All we had on short notice was an experimental batch. Although after the reception it got, maybe it ought to be the new Hip Check!

Now comes the challenging part – waiting for equipment and governmental approvals. I can’t say for sure when this will happen, but I’m hoping by January or so. I know it – that seems like forever. In the meantime, we’ll fire up old FrankenBrew and give out as many free samples as we possibly can. Yeah, beer is usually a popular thing.

We don’t have a building secured yet, but sharing space with other like-minded businesses seems like a pretty Bogus thing to do. So if you’ve got a buddy who has a food truck/restaurant/bicycle shop/produce warehouse/art/concert booking/CSA type of business, maybe we ought to think about teaming up. Speaking of teaming up, we’re also on the lookout for a head brewer. Someone who wants to collaborate with Collin on making some beers that at times stray across the stylistic boundaries.

So hold on tight, we’ll get there just as soon as we can!