Hoptober Freshtival – Pics

Well that was fun! Hoptober Freshtival was a blast. Many thanks to all of you who attended and to the other breweries as well. All told, you guys went through 35 kegs by the time the night was over.

In case you missed it, here’s a little taste:

DSCA00013 DSC09987 DSC09915 DSC09822 DSC09817 DSC09772 DSC09693 Freshtival_2014_069 Freshtival_2014_067 Freshtival_2014_063 Freshtival_2014_062 Freshtival_2014_060 Freshtival_2014_059 Freshtival_2014_057 Freshtival_2014_052 Freshtival_2014_042 Freshtival_2014_040 Freshtival_2014_038 Freshtival_2014_035 Freshtival_2014_034 Freshtival_2014_032 Freshtival_2014_031 Freshtival_2014_026 Freshtival_2014_024 Freshtival_2014_022 Freshtival_2014_017 Freshtival_2014_013 Freshtival_2014_010 Freshtival_2014_009 Freshtival_2014_008 Freshtival_2014_006 Freshtival_2014_002DSCA00019DSCA00091