BeerBreweryHead Brewer’s Update: Beers/Plans for the Fall!

Greetings CSB members, Owners, and Community Members,

        It has been a really fun first year of beer with some fun and delicious CSB offerings. I look forward to creating twelve new brews this upcoming year for your drinking pleasure. If you have not been in and checked us out lately, we have two new shiny 30bbl fermenters which will considerably open up the brew book and give us a chance to do more seasonal brews. I plan on bringing the Dark Daisy Chocolate Milk Stout back along with the Witch’s Tit Winter Warmer and Fresh Hop during this fall/winter period. I also plan on brewing a genuine Oktoberfest lager for the October CSB. Who knows, the PIMP might even make an appearance.
        We will also be offering a few more of our beers on nitro starting with the Black Cliffs American Stout. We are working on a plan of attack for packaging sometime this fall/winter as well. We will keep you updated but it looks like 22oz bombers to start with eventual canning plans. Thanks for being such a thirsty bunch, I really appreciate all the support and compliments on the beer.
I’ll keep trying my best to keep the good stuff flowing, Cheers! – Lance