UncategorizedDrink Local. Give Local.

We’ve received a monumental amount of support from the community. More than 500 people have backed us, whether through Kickstarter or by becoming one of our community owners. It’s time for us to start giving back. Each of our flagship beers celebrates something that we love about the Treasure Valley, whether it’s riding in the Boise Foothills or running with the Hash House Harriers.

We also love watching the Treasure Valley Rollergirls play. So we’re excited to announce that for every keg of Hip Check IPA that we make, we’ll be kicking $2 their way. It’s a modest start, but it’s important for us to do what we can to support the things that we love about living here! That’s why we’ll be picking different organizations to donate to on a per keg basis for each of our flagships. More on that later, but know that every time you drink a Hip Check, you’re helping out Treasure Valley Rollergirls.

Of course, you have to actually be able to get a Hip Check somewhere. That means that – gasp! – we’re going to be open for business soon. Not quite yet, but you’ll start to see some Bogus brew around town in a matter of weeks! We’ll keep you posted.