UncategorizedBrewhouse in the House!

The brewhouse has arrived! We can barely contain our excitement, and have made many comparisons to childhood Christmases. Except that this is way better. All next week the installers will be putting everything in to its place and getting it running smoothly. And after that, my friends, we can brew beer. Well, from a technical perspective anyway. Still a few more permits to get before we can make a batch that we’re allowed to serve to you guys.

Lots of other good progress in the building as well – check it out in the pictures below.

Last Chance for Ownership

Time’s just about up if you wanna become an owner of the brewery! We’re required to stop selling stock by April 17 – unless we run out before then, that is. And I don’t know if we’ll ever be selling stock again. So if you’re interested, or even want to just check out the space, shoot Collin an email: collin@bogusbrewing.com. There’s also some more info on the Ownership tab. Or if you’d prefer, we’re hosting an informal/informational meeting that’s open to the public on Wednesday, March 26. More details and RSVP here.

Opening Day

Still a little ways to go, but we’re shooting for early May. We’ve still got several permits to get after the brewhouse is installed and the beer itself will take some time to complete fermentation. We’re plowing forward as fast as we can!