KickstarterBogus in a Nutshell

We just finished our Kickstarter video! Check it out, above. One week in to the Kickstarter campaign, and we’re off to a good start; 40 backers and just over $6,000. Momentum is building and I get more excited by the day. All sorts of interested people have contacted the brewery, offering everything from internet monitored, uh, something or other (I think this is like a robot of myself that just takes care of everything) to more traditional Community Supported Agriculture organizations that want to team up. I’ve even had a request from a bottle cap collector!

Basically, Bogus just got real. I’m working on getting some very cool stainless steel growlers (with koozies!) for the CSB members and I’ve ordered a few sample T-shirts. I’m off to Fort Collins next week to talk to a few breweries about finance and operations and have even begun talking to a few people about taking on the head brewer role. That said, it looks like it will come down to the wire with Kickstarter on whether or not we reach our $30,000 goal. I can only assume this is because there are so many awesome rewards that it makes it difficult to choose which one you want. Still, I can’t complain with the response in the first week.

I just put four different saisons on tap last night. Why four, you ask? Well, because I only have four taps. Otherwise I would have put on all six. Ginger saison came out damn good for a first try! And I can’t wait to sample the blackberry saison. And if only I had eight taps, I would have put on the Down-Down and the Hip Check as well. Clearly, the brewery can’t open soon enough.

So, if you haven’t already: [button url=””]Help us Kickstart![/button]